Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Astrology: Spring Equinox - Wednesday, March 20 2019

It (Re) Begins...
We have a powerful Spring Equinox chart, with a full moon in Libra, the first equinox full moon since 2000, and is a powerful supermoon. This moon/sun opposition indicates emotional relationships. With a sun/Chiron conjunction, we have a challenging, intense, powerful Moon-Sun-Jupiter T-Square. This is quite a fiery aspect, with problems of excessive emotion, indulgence, impulsiveness, ambition, and optimism. Although generally upbeat and well-intentioned, there can be moodiness and conflict, with strong opinions and emotions.

Lost in Space: Mercury, Moon, Jupiter T-Square
Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces are slightly out of conjunction distance with the Sun, so we have a second T-Square with the Moon and Jupiter, very close to the first one, making Pisces, a highly charged sign. One can experience unrealistic, impractical, trivial, disorganized thinking here, with strong emotions clouding one's judgment; although a stimulated imagination can make for some enhanced creativity. Mercury's retrograde position (until the end of March) can add to the confusion. This aspect contains a Jupiter/Neptune square, one of the major aspects of 2019, an aspect marked by exaggeration, confusion, deception, religious delusions, and impractical behavior.

Down to Earth: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter Kite
With the moon still in the spotlight, forming a Grand Trine with Mars in down-to-earth Taurus and a burgeoning Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Furthermore, this also forms a Kite aspect over the previous T-Square, which serves to balance its difficult nature. This Grand Trine brings confident, upbeat emotional stability, realistic, proactive/common sense, strong tools to deal with a conflictual, confused atmosphere.

The Minor Grand Trine, with Mars-Mercury/Neptune and Saturn/Pluto (which requires more effort to actualize, compared to the relatively effortless Grand Trine) brings an energetic analytical intellect, and a well-informed, resourceful carefulness. The Mercury-Moon opposition brings emotional, cloudy and over-zealous tensions, (also addictive behavior)  but the surrounding aspects are very well-equipped to handle it. The challenge with a kite is that one can be so well-equipped and resilient to brush of certain conflicts with a quick fix , that there is little motivation to deal with the problem in a fundamental way; or else there can be a strong blind spot with certain issues. In this case, there could be situations where delusional attitudes are tend to be rationalized or justified with great cleverness

However, the easy aspects provide some exceptional tools to see through the delusions and fantasies and develop practical, realistic solutions, although this can be difficult. This aspect contains a Saturn-Neptune sextile, another major aspect for 2019., which helps bring greater realism to the Jupiter square Neptune fuzziness. The Mars-Pluto trine  (strong motivation and energy for change) and  the Mercury-Saturn trine (mental discipline) are exact on this day.

Venus on Fire
Venus in Aquarius (sociable, independent, excentric) has two tight aspects that go exact the following day. Venus square Mars denotes tension with romantic relationships and the opposite sex. Venus sextile Jupiter brings good social skills with a supportive, encouraging attitude.

A Jupiter-Uranus trine is still seven degrees out of orb, but should soon form a strong earth aspect, energizing Uranus in Taurus and become an important aspect later in the year.

With Chiron back in Aries and Uranus back in Taurus, this chart takes us back to the Spring of 2018, where a significant new celestial configuration began, breaking us away from the long-standing revolutionary Uranus-Pluto squareChiron in Aries should bring a desire for more assertiveness and establishing a solid sense of identity. Uranus in Taurus can bring a hippy 'back to the land' concern for the environment', exploring new environment-saving technologies, a concern for natural health, and also further progress with computer-based financial systems.  

This new situation was delayed due to some major planetary retrograde action which ended in the previous quarter, which was marked with dealing with unresolved issues and challenges from previous phases. Examples are the Trump legal challenges, England's Brexit problems, and Syria's Isis problems. The more recent  Venezuelan conflict, with the US/Europe backed  liberal capitalism faction (Jupiter in Sagittarius) opposed to the Russia/Turkey/China conservative socialist faction (Saturn in Capricorn) being a typical example of the current situation.

The rest of the year promises to be a more proactive and productive period, marking the end of a significant phase, which I would describe as dealing with how to integrate the results of the revolutionary upheavals practically into the current socio-political structures. The 2016-2019 period can be seen as a transitional stabilization period, prior to the oncoming new 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle, prefigured by a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 followed by further Jupiter-Saturn and Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions.

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