Thursday, 13 May 2021

Back to Basics - FAQ

Theosophy, as presented in the original literature in its early phase, from 1875 to 1900, has quite a vast scope of teachings, which we have been covering in our Theosophy Basics series, with over 25 posts. I thought it would be useful to give some links to the more essential ones dealing with the basic principles, values and practical aspects. I think that just with the first four articles, one can get a lot of useful information in understanding the general nature and distinctive spirit of this particular theosophical project. It can be considered as a FAQ post, inasmuch as many of the questions and misconceptions that I notice on the internet pertain to the topics in the articles included in this post. 


What is Theosophy?


What is a Theosophical Society?


Principles of Action and Work


Ethical Principles


Basic Literature

On Studying the Secret Doctrine


The Esoteric Spiritual Path

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