Friday, 26 January 2018

The top 12 posts of 2017

The most viewed that is. The astrology articles have not been included. Had they been included, they would have placed 1 to 4. The readers have spoken.

1- The 12 Most Important Ethical-Moral Philosophy Writings of All-Time
2- Dimensions of Sacred Geography
3- The Golden Rule in 20 World Religions
4- Jean-Marie Ragon on Universal Masonry and Brother/Sisterhood
5- Franz Hartmann on Scepticism and Credulity
6- Through the Gates of Gold, Chapter 1, The Search for Pleasure, part 7
7- Tibetan Mindfulness of Death Meditation 2
8- The Great American Eclipse, Baseball's World Series, and the number 9
9- Divine Madness: Plato on Sex and Love, part 2
10- Blavatsky on Shamanism
11- Blavatsky's translation of Leo Tolstoy's The Imp and the Crust (1889)
12- The Kabbalah on Reincarnation 1/5

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