Thursday, 25 February 2021

Astrology – The Year in Review (2020)

The following is a list of events that occurred near the exact aspect moments of the past year. Although a more complete analysis is needed to evaluate the effects of the important aspects that occurred in 2020, this list can serve to give a general idea of the basic type of impact. Of note are January 12 (Saturn-Pluto Conjunction) and November 12 (Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction), where many striking events occurred.

The year kicked off with a bang, inaugurating a new 35-year Saturn-Pluto cycle with an eclipse on January 10.

Saturn-Pluto conjunction (January 12)

In the week preceding this, there was the tumultuous events of a US-directed assassination of a top Iranian army general closely followed by the downing a Ukrainian commercial airplane by the Iranian army. It was on the day of the conjunction that Iran declared responsibility for the downing, stating that it was accidental, after having denied involvement previously.  There was a massive winter storm in the US that stretched from Texas to Michigan. North Korean diplomats announced a desire to back away from nuclear armament discussions and the impeachment process for US president Trump was officialized on January 15th, with an acquittal decision on February 5th.

The week of the conjunction and eclipse was also marked by major earthquakes in Puerto Rico and a volcanic eruption in the Philippines In Great Britain, the formal Brexit process was made official. Taiwan elected a strongly anti-Chinese president while China announced a draconian ban on foreign teaching materials. In Australia, climate protests sparked by the massive forest fires reached a peak. It was at this time also that a worldwide coronavirus pandemic began to manifest itself, escalating over the next couple of months.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto (April 4)

Close to this conjunction on April 4, Ethiopian Airlines released preliminary report on the major plane crash of March, 10, 2019. Australia has passed a sweeping law to stop the spread of violent content online, following a mass shooting in a Church on May 12, 2018. The FBI has warned of a new potential privacy and security concern called "Zoombombing." President Trump fired Michael Atkinson, who informed Congress about the whistleblower complaint regarding Trump's communications with Ukraine that eventually led to his impeachment.

Eclipse (June 21)

The United States announces that it is leaving the UN Human Rights Council. The day before the decision, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights slammed the separation of children from their parents at the US border as “unconscionable.” General Electric was removed from the Dow Jones Industrial average. In Indonesia, a tourist ferry sank, 192 people were killed. Nearly half of US states are reporting a rise in new Coronavirus cases.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto (November 12)

The final of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions occured on November 12, some significant events at that time:

The Trump administration refuses to begin the formal transition process and cooperate with Joe Biden's incoming team. Supporters of President Trump clashed with counterprotesters in Washington, DC, leading to 20 arrests. Insurgents loosely aligned with ISIS attacks in  Mozambique, with thousands of Ethiopians are fleeing into neighboring Sudan to escape escalating conflict. At least 74 migrants died in a shipwreck yesterday off the coast of Libya. Protests in Belarus against longtime leader Alexander Lukashenko over alledged rigged elections. The US sees  single highest daily Covid count since the pandemic began. Tropical Storm Eta devastating in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, where dozens have been killed. Azerbaijan and Armenia reach peace accord.

Jupiter- Saturn Conjunction (Dec. 21)

President Donald Trump challenges election results, with a month left until President-elect Joe Biden takes office. U.S. Embassy in Baghdad damaged in rocket attack. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed it on Iranian-backed militias in retaliation around the anniversary of the killing of a powerful Iranian military commander.

Alexey Navalny, the Russian opposition leader and nemesis of President Vladimir Putin, almost died after being poisoned in August. It was discovered that the lethal nerve agent Novichok was planted in his underwear. Israel's coalition government collapsed Tuesday night, setting the stage for the country's fourth national election in under two years, because Israel's parliament failed to meet a deadline for passing budgets, crumbling an already tenuous alliance between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel's government.

A new, mutated form of the coronavirus that originated in England is spreading across the globe.  In the US, the first doses of Moderna's coronavirus vaccine are be administered cases and deaths are increasing in much of the US. Congress approved $900 billion Covid relief package after months of partisan gridlock. The electric-car maker  Tesla makes its debut in the S&P 500, becoming the most valuable company ever admitted to Wall Street's main benchmark index.

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