Friday, 10 March 2017

Astrology: The Spring Equinox - March 20 2017 6:28am ET

Less talk, more rock

As the Sun exits Pisces and enters Aries the annual astrological cycle is completed and a new one begins, making this the birth chart of the new cycle, a snapshot of the whole year, or at least the new season. The Spring Equinox marks the transition from submersion in the Piscean mystical waters to the rebirth into the manifesting energies of Aries; the renewal of Spring, marking the end of the zodiacal initiatory cycle and the beginning of a new cycle of experience and transformation.
Since the Winter Solstice, which introduced a formidable Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter T-Square, the Lunar Eclipse of February 10 brought a very harmonious Sun/Moon/Uranus/Jupiter Mystic Rectangle and the Solar Eclipse of February 26 featured a beneficial Saturn / Mercury / Jupiter Minor Grand Trine as a Mars/Uranus conjunction spiced things up.

The T-Square as such will fade before the Summer, although all three aspects remain in play variously until the Winter, which will bring a different energy. I see three major hot spots on this chart, all very connected to the T-Square:

Sullen, Strong Saturn
The Moon/Saturn Conjunction is a pretty austere aspect, bringing feelings of isolation, pessimism and emotional blockage. Moreover, the Sun Square Moon/Saturn aspect means repressed tensions can surface and various conflicts arise. This is offset by the continued Saturn Trine Uranus aspect that brings a methodical sense of change and the Mars Trine Saturn aspect brings concentration, stamina and perseverance and should give plenty of Spring Mars energy even though Mars is in Detriment in Taurus, and not in Aries, where it rules.

Powerful, Pushy Pluto
The Sun Sextile Pluto aspect brings positive, intense experiences, alleviating the difficult Sun Square Saturn/Moon aspects, but can also strengthen the conservative status quo energy of Pluto in
Capricorn. Note also the Chiron/Sun Conjunction that brings self-esteem and healing energies.

Intense, Social, Creative Mercury and Venus
The Mercury/Venus Conjunction brings a capacity to appreciate and communicate feelings and beauty, which favors artistic and financial endeavors. At the same time, this aspect is Square to Pluto and in Opposition to Jupiter, and slightly out-of-orb with a Uranus Conjunction creating a second T-Square. This can bring energies of intense relationships, over-optimism, over-indulgence and obsessive ideas.

The more Jupiterean faults are emphasized as Jupiter has no easy aspects to stabilize its action compared to Uranus and Pluto. Moreover, Venus is retrograde in Aries, causing more friction and questioning in relationships

The first half of this powerful Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus T-Square (formed around the Winter Solstice) has benefitted from various harmonious aspects giving this energy of change, conflict, and power struggles some beneficial waves of diplomacy and order to better coordinate the propensities for debate and discussion. With the Spring Equinox, although relatively well-balanced, we enter a more complicated second phase where things are more cowboy as the Plutonian status quo repression, the Uranian freewheeling revolution and Jupiterian open, optimistic rhetoric energies become more intent on asserting their particular agendas and are less willing to cooperate or compromise. Moreover, it seems that discussions could be less productive, less realistic as well as more intense and challenging.

If the Winter was spent constructively building bridges and working for change, then the Spring can be a great period of action and implementation; if not, then the danger is that with these aspects, one can get overwhelmed with powerful forces of change which bring a lot of resistance. Moreover, it seems that certain relationships could reach a kind of crisis point. This could be the most intense season of the year. I think it’s a question of using adaptation skills to assure that various changes work out in a positive manner. The positive energy of the two eclipses should help things and the positive transformative energy of the Sun Sextile Pluto in Conjuction with Chiron is a factor to be reckoned. Happy Spring to one and all.

“This is spirit's progress, and it may be said to be a process of regeneration, shortly typified by crucifixion and resurrection. The old man dies, the new man rises from his grave. The old man, with his lusts, is crucified; the new man is raised up to live a spiritual and holy life. It is regeneration of spirit that is the culmination of bodily life, and the process is crucifixion of self, a daily death, as Paul was wont to say.
 In the life of spiritual progress there should be no stagnation, no paralysis. It should be a growth and a daily adaptation of knowledge; a mortification of the earthly and sensual, and a corresponding development of the spiritual and heavenly. In other words, it is a growth in grace and in knowledge of the Christ; the purest type of human life presented to your imitation. It is a clearing away of the material, and a development of the spiritual--a purging as by fire, the fire of a consuming zeal; of a lifelong struggle with self, and all that self includes; of an ever-widening grasp of Divine truth.”
Spirit Teachings, Section 30, William Stainton Moses


Robert Hand, Planets in Transit