Friday, 9 December 2016

Persian and Iranian Wisdom 2 - Sayings from the Javidan Khirad

1-The path of virtue lies in the renunciation of arrogance and pride.

2-Whoso clotheth himself in modesty will conceal his faults.

3-He who is not lowly in his own eyes will not be exalted in the eyes of others.

4-The man who knows not his own worth will never appreciate the worth of others.

5-Whosoever is ashamed of his father and mother, is excluded from Divine guidance.

6-Whosoever cannot forgive wrong done to him can never know the work of good that is done unto him.

7-The slightest provision against a quarrel is better than the stoutest persistence in carrying it on.

8- An easy temper is a good counsellor, and a pleasant tongue is an excellent leader.

9-Good advice to one who will not accept it, arms in the hands of one who knows not how to use them, and gold in the possession of one who benefits not mankind, are things wasted and lost.

10-He who takes advice is secure from falling; but whose is obstinate in his own opinion falleth into the pit of destruction.

11-In prosperity dread misfortune, for unto it thou must return; when anticipation is fairest, then think on tardy fate, for though he be slow yet is he sure.

12- In every blessing think upon its decay, in every misfortune think upon its removal. For such remembrance doth preserve blessing, and keep us from the intoxication of pride, and bringeth more real pleasure with it.