Sunday, 22 May 2016

Book Review: Grandma’s Lifesaving Tips – Susie Foster – SJG pubs. 2014

For those aspirants seeking initiation into the mysteries of household management, this book will reveal plenty of the arcane secrets thereof. In today’s attention deficit, instant gratification, high-tech, ultra-processed, automated, asceptic world, what use is this simple, quaint old-fashioned collection of traditional household maintenance methods and tips? You’ll be surprised at how timeless and relevant these old bits of practical wisdom can be.
1- Organizing the Chaos
The first chapter and possible the most important concerns organization and many creative and inventive selections are proposed to control the clutter and keeps things running smoothly.
2- Wardrobe Rescue
Of course clothes care is essential and all aspects of the tricky business of clothing maintenance, storage, cleaning and repair are covered.
3- High Days & Holidays
Holidays and parties add such zest and gaiety to one’s home life and this chapter shows how to save time and money without sacrificing the fun.
4- Kitchen Calm
Of course the kitchen, often considered the very heart of the home, is given the caring consideration it so richly deserves; and the variety of long-term food preparation methods is most impressive indeed.
5- Housework SOS
The difficult problem of housecleaning is tackled with uncompromising frankness and it is amazing how many low-cost, natural cleaning solutions there are. The versatility of vinegar is shown to be mind-blogging.
6- Household Purse
Of course budgeting finances is key and Grandma shares very helpful and shrewd ways to cut costs and stretch the dollar.
7- Getting to Grips with the Garden
Gardening is given a high priority in the household activities, (and rightly so) and the author gives experienced advice.
8- Sprucing up the House
The esthetic aspect is not neglected; this fun chapter on decorating is both practical and creative.
9- Reusing & Recycling
Nowadays we talk about the need to implement more ecological practices; but back in the day, respect for the environment was a fully integrated part of the program.  The possibilities for thrift are a key focus and this chapter on recycling contains deeply ecological, environment-saving advice.
10 You & Yours
With all the hustle and bustle of home management, personal care should not be neglected and so the final chapter has a wonderful array of surprisingly simple recipes to relax, refresh, soothe and regenerate the body and soul.
Household management is key for a well-balanced life and the wealth of information and wisdom in this book gives one some solid tools for building a quality home life. Kudos to for an elegant retro design.

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