Sunday, 20 March 2016

Astrology: Lunar Eclipse - March 23, 2016

Dynamic Mercurial Spring Resurrection
Coming four days after the Spring equinox, this  lunar eclipse highlights the transition from submersion in the Piscean mystical waters to the rebirth into the manifesting energies of Aries; the renewal of spring, marking the end of the zodiacal initiatory cycle and the beginning of a new cycle of experience and transformation.

Aries-Libra Axis
This is the final sequence of Aries-Libra eclipses begun in October 2013 and so can represent a culmination of relationship issues focused on individual needs versus relational needs. The challenge of harmonizing one’s personal needs with the needs of others will not be so easy as the Sun/Mercury conjunction, in the sign of Aries, in a Trine with Mars (in Sagittarius) gives a powerful energy for vocal self-assertion (there will be no lack of loquaciousness), whereas the moon’s effectiveness is muted in Libra and the sextile aspect with Mars is less powerful; and with a full moon, emotional energy can be strong. Hence the balance between intellect and emotion is a major challenge with this eclipse.

Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter T-Square
This powerful T-Square is strongly balanced by Neptune/Pluto, Saturn/Uranus and Jupiter/Pluto trines; along with the Uranus/Pluto square, the outer planets are all inter-connected by powerful aspects, bringing socio-political changes in areas of bureaucratic/political power (Pluto in Capricorn), philosophical ideologies (Saturn in Sagittarius), religious policies and environmental issues (Jupiter in Virgo), technological developments and social protest (Uranus in Aries) as well as art and spirituality (Neptune in Pisces); and so we are at a pivotal moment in the current outer planetary transits. In the last eclipse, most of the planets were focused around the T-Square, whereas now, all of the inner planets are somewhat inter-spread between these aspects, although still very close to the planets Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn. The Jupiter (retrograde) -Saturn square goes exact practically at the same time as the eclipse occurs and Saturn will go retrograde on March 25th. With all this movement going on, the Venus-Neptune conjunction may perhaps get muted, but it could be quite potent in terms of creative, romantic and spiritual inspiration if one can achieve a strong practical, realistic, grounded balance and discipline, while avoiding the problem of deluded emotionalism. Additionally, the Venus/Neptune trine with Pluto, can serve to favor spiritual insight.

If one follows the news, one may have noticed how the solar eclipse of March 8th shook things up quite a bit, (and also brought encouraging signs of productive cooperative changes). Perhaps some long-standing problems flared up, or old wounds re-opened. With this eclipse, there is an exceptionally positive energy for completing the zodiacal cycle of transformation and renewal. With five planets in fire signs and the Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Mars squares, a certain amount of dramatic volatility can be expected; moreover, the strong Jupiter-Saturn square can bring dramatic change in one’s life structure (a change to allow for a more fluid organization). The main challenge with this eclipse would be to take care to use the mercurial masculine individualistic, intellectual insightfulness in a holistic manner that integrates the more feminine, emotional, intuitive, altruistic aspects of the full moon in Libra. Hence, one would do well to consider diplomacy, listening skills, and empathy in one’s drive to engage in resolving lingering problems and disputes.

As a possible hint to the deeper meanings of this eclipse, I suggest the above image of the alchemical Rebus as envisaged by Basile Valentin from FIGVRA XCVIII (48), Viridarium chimicum (1624) by Daniel Stolcius. For a good explanation of this symbol see: